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What started in 1991 as a home based independent contracting position has now become a nation wide organization based out of a high tech facility staffed by a team of passionate and energetic warranty experts. After being sought out by numerous automobile dealerships in Southern California for her warranty expertise, Kellie Kramer took the leap from being a one woman operation to incrementally developing a support staff of over a dozen individuals to process transactions, manage claims schedules, and generally get passionate about recovering every hard earned dollar for her clients and the warranty work their service departments had performed.


Kellie Kramer

Today, Kellie is recognized as leading expert in the field of warranty administration. She is an example of a true success story; the President of a successful Women Owned Business, a consultant for dealerships and independent warranty administrators, and a CEO with heart who places as much importance with the people who she works with as she does the work they do together.

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