Description of Services


Kellie Kar Services is a full service Warranty Claims administration firm located in Southern California. With a team of highly skilled warranty administrators in one office, collaborating to effectively maximize the processing of warranties for dealership across the county and for all automobile manufacturing brands. We’ve been in business for over 30 years.

KKS Claim Submission service:

  • Our standard claim submission service encompasses everything you need to successfully claim payment for your warranty work. We begin by logging your Repair Orders into our in-house tracking system to ensure accountability for each one. We then run a VIN history. At that point a highly trained member of our review team will do a preliminary examination of the RO's compliance with your OEM's Policy and Procedure Manual. Repair Orders are them sorted and a multi-year experienced warranty administrator inputs the claims into the manufacture's DCS and submits it for credit. If any claim is unable to be submitted due to improper documentation, it is routed to the research team to track down the necessary items (for example battery strips, authorization signatures, missing punch times, and other supporting documentation. Once claims are transacted by the OEM, if required, we will verify the transaction report, create any required authorization logs, log the RO out of our in-house system and return the hard copies to the dealership. During the process we also provide basic phone support tot he service department.

KKS Signature Services available:

Comprehensive Claims Analysis

  • Identify potential "red-flags"

  • Detailed review of claims for compliance with OEM Policies and Procedures Manual

  • Report of findings

Accounting Services

  • Balancing and posting of credit memos

  • Maintaining of warranty schedule

  • Notification of parts return


  • Onsite workshops, webinars, and self paced online classes

  • Communication of service bulletins, recalls & updates


  • Internal auditing with feedback for personnel

  • Analysis and reporting of recurring patterns, losses from debits and write-offs

  • Provide expert feedback and communication between automotive group owners